Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Brit-X Magazine, No.7 - Now online!

Brit-X No.7 is now online. Our first special edition - for Halloween and Guy Fawkes!
This is a bumper issue featuring 10 gorgeous girls strutting their sexy stuff for your viewing pleasure!
Amy Emms makes her debut by rocking the cover! Amy was scouted by our very own Paige Snowpaw, while out shopping. We're sure you'll agree that both Paige and photographer Laredo Lowtide have a great eye, and Amy... we hope you'll be returning to Brit-X soon!

Portia Draconia by Bill Ryker, one of Issue 7's  guest Photographers. 

Kat Kassner grabs Guy Fawkes interest.

Cream Release - You'll need to do just that when you see her sexy set!

 Adele Simondsen returns to Brit-X and brings her pumpkins - Captured by the talented Nakuru Bergamasco!

View Issue 7 on the website HERE

 The in-world version of Brit-X Issue 7 comes with posters of all the featured models and is absolutely free. Grab it HERE!