Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Topless Tuesday - 22nd September 2015

Pics from this weeks Topless Tuesday Bash!

DJ Kat returns to disc spinning!

Sasquatch was in a snappy mood...

DJ Kat un-edited...

 Margarita Moves..
 Lowtide Hugs

Adele grooves...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Topless Tuesday Bash with DJ Domino - 15-9-15

This weeks Topless Tuesday Bash welcomed a new DJ to Brit-X - Photographer and model Domino Dupre! Domino came early to test her DJ set up ahead of a possible future gig... but had so much fun she stayed and covered the whole event! Thanks Domino, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Roxxxy Foxdale gets her groove on at Brit-X!

Fahye showing us what Topless Tuesday is all about!
The Topless Tuesday Bash is now an Official Porn Star Party, taking place every Tuesday from 2.30pm SLT.

Find Brit-X in Second Life HERE!

Friday, 11 September 2015

BRIT-X Magazine - Issue 6!

Brit-X No.6 has arrived! Our first issue since our move and re-brand in world. 
We bring you the return to our pages of Rachel Avro and Kat Kassner, the Brit-X/Britannia debuts of Alisha McAuley, Alisha Sugarplum and the debut (anywhere in SL Porn/Erotica) of Christie Minx!

Rachel Avro by Damien Godard, Issue 6 guest Photographer.

View Issue 6 on the website HERE

 The in-world version of Brit-X Issue 6 comes with posters of all the featured models and is absolutely free. Grab it HERE!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Topless Tuesday - 8th September 2015 - The Snaps!

DJ Kat, Cpt. Matt, Holly, Anyka and Katina

Laredo's wide shot captures the vibrant dancefloor party!

 This weeks Topless Tuesday Bash was a TV and Film Music special with DJ Kat.

Congratulations to Leffe Levenque who won the "Best in Theme" contest and took home a Millenium Falcon and a Dreamcatcher TARDIS by NLS.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Christie Minx, Alisha McAuley & Ashley Sugarplum to debut!

Christie Minx debuts in Brit-X Magazine Issue 6, photographed by Kat Kassner
The September Issue of Brit-X magazine is just around the corner, and we will be bringing you 3 girls who are brand new to Brit-X/Britannia XXX! Alisha, Ashley and Christie are sure to delight... so keep your eye out for Issue 6.... SOON!

Margie lays down a new Gangbang marker!

Margarita took on an amazing 15 guys at Brit-X Beach!

The very first Brit-X Beach Gangbang took place last Saturday (29th August) with Margie Blanco the star of the show. She took on the challenge of beating the Brit-X Gangbang record of 9 men with Kat Kassner and Alisha McAuley helping warm the guys up with some expert fluffing.
Margie smashed that record and went on to set a new marker of 15 men! Way to go Margie, we hope you could still walk on Sunday morning! Good luck to Paige Snowpaw, our next Gangbang challenger, who has quite a target to aim for!