Monday, 24 August 2015

Britannia XXX Magazine - Issue 5

 Britannia XXX Magazine Issue 5 has finally arrived on the site, featuring Margarita Blanco  as covergirl! Apologies for the delay in the online release... we have been moving home in Second Life. You can now find us as Brit-X - HERE!

From Issue 6 Britannia XXX Magazine will be known as Brit-X magazine!

 Issue 5 features debut Britannia XXX appearances by Katina Cazalet and Emi Frye, as well as returns for Paige Snowpaw, Holly Arkright and covergirl Margie Blanco!

 View Issue 5 on the website HERE

 The in-world version of Britannia XXX Issue 5 comes with posters of all the featured models and is absolutely free. Grab it HERE!