Sunday, 28 June 2015

Britannia XXX Magazine - Issue 4

Britannia XXX Magazine Issue 4 has arrived, featuring the delightful Adele Simondsen as covergirl!

Adele Simondsen by Ali Lancrae

Kat Kassner by Kat Kassner.

View Issue 4 on the website HERE!

The in-world version of Britannia XXX Issue 4 comes with posters of all the featured models and is absolutely free. Grab it HERE!

Grab a copy from the SL Marketplace - HERE!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Scorched Shrub - Out of the Blue *New Video*

Second Life's favourite spoof Girl Band are back with more pop goodness!

Paige Snowpaw on the video shoot for "Out of the Blue."
Larry Vinaver works the Doctor gear.

Velma takes a break from drumming to rock the dots.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Holly is The Gang-Bang Girl

Holly Arkright at The Gentleman's Retreat.

Britannia XXX's very own Holly Arkright will be the centre of attention at The Gentleman's Retreat on Saturday night (13th June, 3pm SLT) for the latest in their regular Gang-Fuck events. 
The Gang-Fuck girls are picked at random via The Gentleman's Retreat raffle board, and after a no show from the original "winner," Holly was drawn and will take on all comers (cummers?)

Having only recently entered the Second Life Porn scene as a model for Britannia XXX magazine, the gang-fuck is a big step up for Holly, but she seems to be relishing the challenge.
"It's good to push your boundaries and try new things. I don't want it to be easy, I want it to be challenging" she said, before adding "I don't mind how many men turn up, but I hope it's a high number." The slut!

Topless Tueday Party - DJ Keif Debut

This weeks Topless Tuesday bash at Britannia XXX Nightclub saw the debut of DJ Keif Denimore, his Porn Groove tunes and leather posing pouch! There were boobies-a-plenty too, as a host of hotties bounced to the music alongside the toned torsos of the dashing Gentleman in attendance. 
Here's to more fun and topless frivolity next week!

Ali Lancrae, Adele Simondsen, Jewell Infinity & Kat Kassner groove to the sounds of DJ Keif!

Margarita Blanco & Larry Vinaver

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Aroused! Exhibition at the Albert Hall

Britannia Village is proud to be hosting the Aroused! Exhibition in our very own Albert Hall. Aroused! is a bi-weekly porn and erotic photography magazine published in Second Life with top class models and photographers contributing, including our very own Kat Kassner.

The magazine, run by Marika Blaisdale with the aid of Katina Cazalet, is distributed via their website, Second Life Marketplace, ISSUU and in-world for free. The Albert Hall exhibition celebrates the magazine's first year with a chance for visitors to browse the releases as they wander the Hall's interior.

Naturally, the exhibition is free, and will be running until early July 2015. Aroused! is an example of where passion and talent come together for the sheer joy of exhibition than profit. As such, we highly recommend those interested in this field of art to pop along and support this non-profit venture.

~ Laredo

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Britannia XXX Magazine - Issue 3

Cover Girl: Cream Release

Britannia XXX Magazine Issue 3 was released at the Topless Tuesday Party! (2nd June 2015.)
DJ Kat Kassner (left) pictured with Adele Simondsen.

View Issue 3 on this website HERE!

 The in-world version of Britannia XXX Issue 3 comes with posters of all the featured models and is absolutely free. Grab it HERE!

Grab a copy from Marketplace HERE!